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Our Imaging clinic provides numerous high quality examinations, such as panoramic and 3D CBCT radiographs and digital impressions. Diagnostic reports will be written in French, English or Dutch and sent after the visit to the clinic. All examinations are performed with utmost care by our experienced staff, who will try to make patients feel most comfortable and answer their questions. All examinations require a referring letter from the referring doctor or dentist, specifying the type of examination and the needed clinical information.

Intraoral radiography is still the most common radiographic technique used in dental imaging. By means of an x-ray generator and intraoral receptor, a projection radiograph of the teeth can be obtained. Digital detectors (used in our imaging clinic) have been able to reduce radiation dose by more than 50% compared to film imaging.

Panoramic images are tomographic images that provide a low dose overview of the dentomaxillofacial complex, at relatively low cost, with information stretched out in a two-dimensional plane

Skull projections are extra-oral projections that can be obtained easily with digital detectors at low doses and that are used to assess skeletal relations and growth.

Cone beam computed tomography (or CBCT), is a low dose but very high resolution 3D technique that has largely replaced traditional CT for dental imaging. Not only is the radiation dose extremely low compared to the classic axial CT, but the detail is also much higher, making this an extremely precise technique to assess teeth when 3D information is needed.

Using optical intra-oral camera’s, it is now possible to replace the cumbersome and often uncomfortable traditional dental impressions that were based on plastic paste in which the patient had to bite. Digital impressions are much more comfortable for the patient, but are most importantly more precise.


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